Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar On The Skin


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Aside from using it in salad dressings dips and marinades apple cider vinegar is taken pure in varying amounts for its purportedly medicinal properties.

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Aside from using it in salad dressings, dips, and marinades, apple cider vinegar is taken pure in varying amounts for its purportedly medicinal properties. It has been consumed for many centuries as a natural remedy for many ailments including arthritis and elevated cholesterol levels. Some take it as well as an aid in losing weight and detoxifying the liver.


Don't be surprised that some people keep a bottle of it in their bathroom apart from their kitchen cupboard. This is because this type of vinegar is said to have beneficial effects on the skin, particularly for its astringent-like toning and texture improving properties.


Though the majority of people prefer to use cosmetic products, there's a significant number of people who prefer homemade, natural, and organic remedies than commercial products. These are most likely the same people who use fruits and vegetables peels, pulp, seeds, and other plant parts for scrubs, masks, and hair conditioners.


The acidic quality of the vinegar as well as certain compounds are said to help clear acne by killing the bacteria which causes it. To use it as a skin tonic, make a mild solution of one tablespoonful of apple cider vinegar and one quart of purified water. Dab this on the skin gently, being careful not to make contact with the eyes. The mild acid breaks down the clogged dirt that accumulates on the pores that causes pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. For minor burns, apply some chilled vinegar, pure or diluted, on the affected area. You'll be surprised at the soothing and cooling effects it has on the skin.


Another cosmetic application of apple cider vinegar is its use as a shampoo and conditioner particularly for oily hair that's prone to buildup. Dilute a tablespoonful or two in a cup of purified water and massage in on the hair gently with your fingertips being careful not to scratch. Rinse very well to eliminate any odor.


Go for organic apple cider vinegar if possible especially since those made from conventionally grown apples can contain residues from pesticides and chemical fertilizers and can potentially cause allergic reactions, especially since it is applied on sensitive skin of the face.

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Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar On The Skin

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