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know some facts about chips

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Many will be surprised how this salty dessert, as well as all others in similar packaging, actually not potatoes of the type we all know.

In the first phase of production ingredients such as rice, wheat, corn flakes and potato flakes blend to a sort of dough.

This mixture is then molded in all known shapes.

After that ends in boiling oil, and then the SS dryness.

In the last phase of the chips, various condiments are sprayed, then packed in cans.

However, one of the most dangerous supplements these popular crisps had not added in the production process but is a by-product production.

Acrylamides, a dangerous carcinogenic substance which is generally known to cause cancer in animals, and certain doses of acrylamide are toxic to the nervous system in humans and animals, far more than allowed, is found in crisps.

This substance comes in while preparing food that has been exposed to thermal processing baking and roasting, and then in chips.

And it’s particularly dangerous for chips because after baking at a high temperature, dry up.

All the food that is processed at temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius contains this carcinogenic substances.

The level of these substances in chips above permitted.

Facts about chips

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