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As humans we are exposed to bacteria and viruses some of them good for us and important to our existence and others not so good These invisible organisms can cause infections and diseases

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As humans, we are exposed to bacteria and viruses, some of them good for us and important to our existence and others not so good These invisible organisms can cause infections and diseases. Bacterial and viral infections also change with time and season of the year. While few viral infections can cause and lead to life threatening situations, others are merely due to changes in season and time or exposure to new environment. We cannot possible stay hidden from these infections. But we need not panic either You can use simple home remedies to treat viral infections efficiently and cheaply.

Here is a list of top  home remedies for treating viral infections:

1. Drink Lukewarm Water Or Hot Beverages:

Cold and cough can leave your mouth and throat cold and dry. So, it is paramount to drink plenty of liquid. Warm or lukewarm water, herbal tea with honey, lemon and ginger is a good way to cure that sore throat. Also, one can add tea and coffee for relief, but it is important to keep it to it a minimum as it could lead to dehydration.

2. Use Steam:

Cold and cough causes excessive production of mucus and leads to blockage of the respiratory tract and nasal passage. To get relief from blockage and open the respiratory tract, use steam. Boil some water in a shallow bowl and slowly breathe the steam in and let it fill you. You should feel the warmth on face as well. Be careful not to burn yourself with excessive steam and be cautious when you handle the boiling water

3. Use Ginger, Black Pepper And Fennel Seeds:

Boil finely grated ginger, black pepper and fennel seeds and reduce water to half. Let this concoction cool down a bit, and then have it warm for relief. Alternatively, one can also gargle with hot water and a pinch of salt added to it to get relief from cold and the mucus that blocks the throat.

4. Have Soup:

Soup works effectively for the flu. You can just churn up some hot soup in your kitchen and have it. Chicken soup or any soup that you like should do the trick and soothe your irritated throat. It is also known to help with the infection.

5. Garlic:

Flu can be quite a persistent. Garlic helps take care of flu as it has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Cooking it too much can make it ineffective, so, it is best to take garlic in its raw . Finely dice or grate 2-3 cloves of garlic and consume it with water. If you can manage, try to chew the cloves in your mouth for the enzymes to be released. Garlic works to cure the symptoms more effectively.

6. Vinegar:

Vinegar is known to help in cases of flu as it is alkaline in nature and balances the body’s alkaline levels, and alkaline is not the best environment in the body for viruses to grow. So, having apple cider vinegar is a great to cure flu. The way to have the apple cider vinegar is simple. Add a spoon to a glass of water and have directly. Have it a couple of times a day to fight flu and get rid of the viral infection.

7. Almond:

Almonds are a rich source of nutrients and vitamins. It also contains magnesium and calcium. It has amazing healing power for respiratory illnesses. So, if you are suffering from bronchitis, have enough almonds and consume them in any manner you like.

8. Onions:

Onions and honey can treat bronchitis at home. Onions are good for the flow of mucus as these are loaded with expectorants. Honey is an amazing anti-biotic, which helps to build resistance against diseases. There are two ways to have onions.

  • Make thin slices of onion and cover them with a few spoons of honey. Leave the onions and honey overnight. The aim is to ensure that the onions are covered in honey, so that the onions can soak properly. Have a spoon at regular intervals during the day for relief.
  • Alternately, onions in any are good. But try to have them raw as far as possible, like in sandwiches, salads or even in baked items if you can.

9. Lemon:

The good old lemon is one of the best home treatments for bronchitis. While many would recommend its use along with green tea and honey, it can also be consumed by taking 1 teaspoon of the rind of lemon and grating it into water to make lemon tea. Boil the water or just take 1 cup water and add lemon wedges to it and let it boil. Use a sieve to strain it and consume the same. Lemon is a good way to kill bacteria and virus. It also keeps infection under control.

10. Thyme:

Thyme is an effective ingredient that perpetuates through all global cuisines and kitchens across the world. But, very few of us actually know that thyme fights infections and helps take care of lung infections by strengthening the lungs. There are 3 ways to use thyme for healing purposes:

  • The easiest is to use it as an herb. Season your food with it and at the same time ensure that you get the necessary supply to heal the lungs and strengthen them
  • The second option is to take one cup water, bring it to boil and add a few leaves of thyme, boil it properly, sieve it and add honey to consume this concoction.

11. Ginger or Peppermint Tea:

Have ginger or peppermint tea to get some relief as peppermint will help soothe the stomach and reduce the spasms in the stomach that cause severe cramping and intense pain. It also soothes your overall digestive system and provides instant and temporary relief from all the pain. When making tea you can add ginger and add honey, and drink the tea to soothe stomach pain and bring down the inflammation in your digestive tract. If you are comfortable, take some ginger, dice it into small pieces and chew it to release the enzymes and minerals in the mouth.

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