How to Remove Different Stain from Camping Tents


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Mold and mildew can occur both in cotton tents as with synthetic tents. It is called "weather" is in the canvas. Algae occur as long tent in a damp, shady (trees) positioned. Mold caused by dirt (cooking in the tent) and if the tent has been wet for too long packed. For cotton tents, mold very difficult to remove. Moreover, if by cotton and is affected by, there is usually nothing more to do. Synthetic cloth can be treatable. Early treatment increases the chance of a good result:
- Treat with a very dilute solution (1:10) of bleach or chlorine. Use a soft brush.
-. Rinse after fifteen thoroughly in cold water
, you can also use special cleaning agents that are for sale in the camping. Look for a test of these products Read more about cleaning (pdf)

Grease stains on the tent
Dab butter, gravy or oil stains with porous paper. Remove the remainder with turpentine or gasoline. Treat the cloth with warm soapy water and alkali-free soap and then re-create it waterproof. Read details about Camping tents for sale

Was sugary drops caused by aphids as soon as possible with plenty of lukewarm water and a soft brush off? Lagging stains cause leakage.

Bird droppings on the tent
For this type of stain is actually no uni method. Scrape or wipe the residue off as quickly as possible and make the place clean with plenty of lukewarm water. Leave the remaining stain sit. If it is good, it will eventually disappear.

Wine Stains
Sprinkle the stain with salt and pat with porous paper. Remove the remains with lukewarm water. Is that not enough, treat the fabric gently with methylated spirits (on dark colors) or alcohol.


How to Remove Different Stain from Camping Tents

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