Kiwi Turtle Fruit Cake


By: Jennifer 06 Feb 2013 (2912)

Have you ever seen a Turtle Kiwi Cake Well now you have - enjoy it

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Have you ever seen a Turtle Kiwi Cake? Well, now you have



  • Peeled, and thinly sliced kiwis (as many as it takes to cover shell)
  • Bananas, thinly sliced, lengthwise
  • Coconut flesh (12 cup)
  • Coconut water (14 cup)
  • Dates, pitted (12 cup)


1. Put coconut flesh, coconut water, and dates into a blender, and blend on high until you get an "icing" like consistency (not too liquidy, if it is too thin, add more dates)

2. Start with layered bananas on the bottom, followed by some coconut date "icing", followed by thinly sliced kiwi rounds, and then some more "icing", and then more banana slices. Continue this pattern, moving slowly into the center until you get a 12 circle shape on your plate.

3. Next, layer the 12 circle with thinly sliced kiwi rounds to make the green colour of the turtle shell.

4. Make the head, feet, and tail, simply by carving out individual kiwis to get the shapes as pictured in the picture below.



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nooshcatering image
nooshcatering 18 Apr 2015
it looks good and also taste good!

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