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Hope you are having wonderful weekend Its perfect time to make some yummy shashlik - BBQ meat on skewers Mmm I love this dish so much this recipe makes meat so juicy and tasty you will want to make it again and again. This reminds me so much of my home where i have actually prepared it and hope you can try it this or next weekend


For the Shashlik you will need the following ingredients:
1,5 kg of pork ( you can use any meat, chicken, beef or lamb)
2 Onions
5 tomatoes
Salt + Pepper
Red wine ( optional)

To make this yummy recipe you have to do the following:
Step 1: Cut the meat into same sized cubes
Step 2: Use a deep bowl to place and marinate the meat. The best shashlik is when its been marinated for a night, but you can also do it for 2-4 hours.
Step 3: Add a little bit of salt if you cooking shashlik same day, if you are leaving it for the night do not use salt. Then add pepper, mustard and mayonnaise. Mix it all well together.
Step 4: Cut onions into 3 pieces and tomatoes into 4 -5 slices. Add onions on top of the meat and then add tomatoes. Repeat the same process with meat and vegetables until its done.
Step 5 : Leave to marinate 2-4 hours, cover with a towel.
Step 6: Make your fire, you should only use wood and no fire liquid or charcoal. Otherwise meat will soak in that smell and taste.
Step 7: Prepare shashlik, first we place onion, then meat, then tomato, onion, meat, tomato and so on.
Step 8 : Grill the meat, keep turning it around and pour red wine all over the meat occasionally. ( Wine is optional)
Step 9 : When you see that meat and vegetables are grilled and ready, take them off and serve Enjoy
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