Raw Mango Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


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Know the amazing Raw Mango Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

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Green raw mangoes are tasty, mouthwatering and healthy too. They contain ample amount of vitamin C and are good for health. Moreover, eating the raw mango with salt and in various recipes in great fun

Raw Mango Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
Raw mangoes are good for health and contain vitals vitamins and minerals. These tasty green fruits are good to be eaten in the summer season and can make a perfect recipe for the sour taste. 

Raw Mango Nutrition Facts
Raw mangoes contain calories, minerals and vitamins necessary for human health. These fruits contain carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins like A, C, K, folate, choline and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, phosphorous, potassium and water too. Raw mango is rich in vitamin A and C and hence is beneficial for human body. Moreover, it contains water that quenches the thirst during the summers.

Health Benefits of Green Raw Mango
Green mangoes are delicious to taste and healthy too. The amazing health benefits of green raw mango are mentioned below:

1.    Prevents Water Loss: Eating the raw mangoes with a pinch of salt on it helps prevent the water loss in the human body. It quenches thirst and prevents high temperature during the summers.
2.    Prevents Loss of Minerals: Eating raw mango juice in the summers is necessary because it prevents the loss of iron and sodium chloride in the body. The loss of the minerals during the summers happen due to excess sweating and thus eating the raw mango juice prevents this loss.
3.     Preventing Scurvy: Dry mango powder is highly rich in vitamin C and prevents diseases like Scurvy. Scurvy is the deficiency of vitamin C in the human body and it can be prevented by consuming the raw mango in various s.
4.    Cures Stomach Problems: As the summer begins, the human body needs a lot of water and nutrition for proper digestion. Eating raw mango helps in healing of the stomach problems like indigestion, diarrhea, piles, dysentery, morning sickness, constipation and chronic dyspepsia.
5.    Blood Disorders: Green mango helps in rejuvenating the body cells and helps increase the immune system of the body. Many problems related to blood like anemia, blood cancer, bleeding problems, cholera, tuberculosis and dysentery can be prevented by consuming the raw mango regularly.
6.    Prevents Sun Stroke: Boiled green mango juice can be consumed in the summers before going out in the heat to prevent sun stroke, prickly heat and sour throat.
7.    Liver Health: Raw mango cleanses the human body, the intestines and increases the secretion of bile juice for better live health.
8.    Prevents Morning Sickness: Pregnant women can find a better health by consuming raw mango in the moderate amount to prevent morning sickness.
9.    Immune System: Eating raw mangoes help in building the immune system of the body keeping one younger and healthier.
10.    Dental Care: Eating raw mangoes keeps the gums healthy and prevents the early falling of teeth. Also, it prevents the bleeding of the gums, bad odor and tooth decay too.

So, are you ready to add a small piece of raw mango in all the recipes you cook? Raw mangoes can be easily cut into small pieces and added to the recipes for better taste and health, isn’t it?

Raw Mango Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

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