Remedies for High Blood Pressure


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Here is a list of the most effective home remedies that will help to control high blood pressure and heart diseases

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High blood pressure is a common condition. It is estimated that nearly 40% of the world’s population suffers from blood pressure related disorders. High blood pressure is a risk factor for coronary heart disease, hemorrhagic stroke and ischaemia.

Most of us believe that conditions such as high blood pressure are only caused with the passing of age, or as a result of other medical conditions like pregnancy or otherwise.

The reality is different. There are other reasons that can bring about an increase in your blood pressure levels.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, there are ways you can adopt at home to keep it under check. Following a healthy diet and lifestyle is imperative along with the medication prescribed.

Here is a list of the most effective home remedies that will help to control high blood pressure and heart diseases.


Garlic is known to be a part of sumptuous recipes, but over the last few decades, researchers have found that garlic can help cure several ailments.

Many doctors suggest the inclusion of garlic in their daily diet either raw or cooked as it helps in slowing the development of atherosclerosis and also keeps blood pressure levels under check.

Consuming a few cloves of garlic can truly do wonders if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Coconut Water:

Coconut is yet another fruit that has a bad reputation of increasing cholesterol. A recent report, however, suggested that coconut water is particularly beneficial for you if you suffer from hypertension.

The water of coconut is rich in Vitamin C, potassium and magnesium that help lower systolic pressure.


Eat plenty of celery. Celery is a leafy vegetable that is healthy for your heart and also contains a lot of fiber.

It contains a lot of 3N butylphthalide which is a type of photo chemical that reduces the blood pressure.

Vegetable Juices:

Fruits that are rich in sugars should be avoided if you suffer from high blood pressure.

However, the juice of carrots, spinach and parsley is rich in chemicals that reduce the blood pressure.

It is recommended to have two glasses of vegetable juice a day to keep your blood pressure under control.


This vegetable has sadly been stereotyped as a fattening food and is stricken off from just about any healthy diet. However, recent studies show that a couple of servings of these delicious spuds can indeed reduce high blood pressure and that too without causing any weight gain

Watermelon Seeds:

Several doctors suggest that consuming watermelon seeds can indeed regulate BP.

Science supports that watermelon contains an amino acid by the name of L-citrulline that is said to be a powerful cure for high blood pressure.


While many health diets ask you to reduce the intake of bananas due to their high potassium levels, you can safely consume 2-3 bananas a day to lower your BP levels.

Remedies for High Blood Pressure

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